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Redcoats and Minutemen: The American War of Independence

Series: Real Life Gamebooks #5
Translated Into: Pour l'indépendance (French)
Il primo ribelle (Italian)
Rødfrakker og minutmænd : Den Nordamerikanske Frihedskrig (Danish)
Authors: Farrell, Simon
Sutherland, Jon(athan)
Illustrators: Wood, Cathy (cover)
Collicutt, A. Paul (interior)
Release Date: 1987
Length:300 sections
Number of Endings:21
Malthus Dire's Thoughts: After Madame Guillotine and Sword and Flame, a third Revolution/Civil War-themed entry seems a bridge too far and that is definitely the case here as the "pick a side in the big tumult" concept gets tired in this case and leads to a generally very dull gamebook. It might partially be the distinctly US-centric subject matter that is uninteresting to me this time, but the execution too is quite turgid, with an endless catalogue of engaging in battles and/or meeting with key figures/events from the real war that seems curiously uninspiring in its delivery compared to the previous similarly-themed books. The research is evident again here, but the material is just not as exciting and I really struggled to get through this book, especially as the alternative routes seem to converge into linearity rather more than other books in this series and the whole experience is rather boring. Considering how good this series generally is, this book is a big disappointment.

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