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Sutherland, Jon(athan)

Pseudonym: Shadow, Jak

Items with "Sutherland, Jon(athan)" as Author

Battleground General

1. Arnhem 1944

Double Game

1. The Glade of Dreams 1: Darian - Master Magician
2. The Glade of Dreams 2: Issel - Warrior King
3. The City of Shadows 1: Coreus the Prince
4. The City of Shadows 2: Bardik the Thief

Fantom Empires

1. The Golem of Brick Lane
2. Her Majesty's Tank Hercules
3. The Mask of Malhotep
4. The Plague Masters
5. The Case of the Hertfordshire Leopard

Football Fantasy

1. Trent Albion 4-3-3
2. Tyne Athletic 4-3-3
3. Mersey City 4-4-2
4. Thames United 4-4-2
5. Medway United 4-5-1
6. Bridgewater 5-3-2
7. Clyde Rovers
8. Avon United
9. Derwent Town
10. Tame Wanderers

Lemmings Adventure Gamebooks

1. The Genesis Quest
2. The Hypnosis Enigma

Marks and Spencer Exclusives


Real Life Gamebooks

1. Madame Guillotine: The French Revolution
2. The Last Invasion: 1066
3. Sword and Flame: The English Civil War
4. Through the Wire: The Great Escape
5. Redcoats and Minutemen: The American War of Independence
6. Thunder in the Glens: The Jacobite Rebellion
7. Blazing Beacons: The Spanish Armada
8. The Fear Factor: Terrorism in the City

Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks

3. Sonic vs. Zonik
4. The Zone Zapper

White Dwarf

The Dark Usurper, Part 1
The Dark Usurper, Part 2
The Dark Usurper, Part 3

Your Party Needs You

Your Party Needs You: The Election Gamebook

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