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(cover proof)
Series: Advanced Fighting Fantasy — no. 3
Translated Into: Adobansuto Faintingu Fantajii [アドバンスト・ファイティング・ファンタジー] (volume 1) (Japanese)
Adobansuto Faintingu Fantajii [アドバンスト・ファイティング・ファンタジー] (volume 2) (Japanese)
Dungeoneer (Portuguese)
Unknown Title (Hebrew)
Adapted Into: Advanced Fighting Fantasy: The Roleplaying Game (Role-Playing Game)
Tower of the Sorcerer! (Short Story)
Authors: Gascoigne, Marc
Tamlyn, Pete
Illustrator: Sibbick, John (cover)
Date: 1989
drystan's Thoughts:

This expansion adds some depth to the very simple rules of the basic Fighting Fantasy RPG. It's a good job, but it can't compete with the basic book.

Not all the advanced rules presented in this book are of real interest (some even worsen the game, in my opinion), and, of the two scenarios provided, only the second is really worthwhile.

But Dungeoneer introduces the rules for magic and wizards, an element the basic book lacks, as it was only cursorily introduced in The Riddling Reaver.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Damien Guard for the cover scan, Julien Waite for the cover proof scan, and Ben Nelson for the character sheet scans.
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