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Item - Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game

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Series: Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game
Contained In: Fighting Fantasy Gamebox 2 (Collection)
Translated Into: Lav dine egne eventyr (Danish)
RPG/Aventuras fantásticas (Portuguese)
Author: Jackson, Steve (United Kingdom)
Illustrator: Smith, Duncan
Date: 1984
ISBN: 0140317090 / 9780140317091
Length: 240 pages
User Summary: This book contains the basic role-playing rules plus two adventures: The Wishing Well and Shaggradd's Hives of Peril.
drystan's Thoughts:

I really don't know how many RPGs I have played. From the most famed (D&D, the World of Darkness series, Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Cyberpunk...) to the more bizarre (like a trash-thing called All Flesh Must Be Eaten - that is, a zombie-oriented RPG). Then, thanks to Demian's Gamebook page, I managed to buy an old copy of the FF RPG, along with some expansions and adventures.

How nice! The rules are extremely simple, yet excellent ones which let you roleplay instead of throwing dice and/or consulting charts and tables (anybody who has ever played Rolemaster is aware of what I'm talking about).

This RPG is simply excellent! Its expansions and adventures are amusing and well-written. In my (weird?) opinion, FF RPG is the best RPG I have ever come to play.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ben Nelson for the dragon logo cover scan.
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damieng - UK orange spine edition
Ian2405 - Original U.K Copy 1984
twar - (UK) 1st printing. Couple small creases on front cover. Good copy. *Second copy added: Third printing. Some creasing on front/back covers. Overall good condition.

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