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Item - The Dragon's Lair

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Series: Knightmare — no. 6
Author: Morris, Dave
Illustrator: Arkadia
Date: 1993
ISBN: 0440863287 / 9780440863281
Length: 70 pages (novella), 123 sections (gamebook)
Number of Endings: 10 (not including passages which only result in death under certain circumstances)
User Summary: In the novella, a boy from the twentieth century finds himself involved in a mission for Treguard involving the protection of a dragon egg; in the gamebook, the reader searches for a kidnapped future king.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book's novella isn't bad, benefitting mostly from having a fairly interesting protagonist, but it ends a bit abruptly, and its plot seems a little strange in light of the subject of the gamebook section of the previous book. The gamebook here is decently designed, once again using codewords for continuity and lasting a fairly decent amount of time, though it isn't as challenging as its predecessor and it lacks a real sense of purpose since the assigned mission is rather vague. Not a bad end to the series, but certainly not as strong as the first four volumes.

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