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Item - The Sorcerer's Isle

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Series: Knightmare — no. 4
Author: Morris, Dave
Illustrator: Rowe, David (uncredited)
Date: 1991
ISBN: 0552527149 / 9780552527149
Length: 115 pages (novella), 159 sections (gamebook)
Number of Endings: 11 (not including passages which only result in death under certain circumstances)
User Summary: Both the novella and gamebook deal with quests for the Holy Grail, though the novella follows Treguard and the gamebook allows the reader to do the adventuring.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a good book. The novella is entertaining as always, once again drawing in characters from the past and making interesting use of figures from legend. Its ending is fairly impressive, and it marks a suitable conclusion to the books in this series aimed at older readers. The gamebook segment is definitely better than its immediate predecessor, though perhaps not as strong as the second adventure in the series. It adds a few new rules, requiring its reader to keep track of Armour, Dexterity and Chivalry points in addition to the usual Life Force, Inventory and Spells. The adventure also has more flavor than its predecessors due to the fact that it is the first to leave the confines of Knightmare Dungeon. Unfortunately, its downfall is its length -- it is far too short, making even a successful quest seem rather brief and unsatisfying.

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