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Item - Slaves of Devron

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User Summary: You must defeat a couple of aliens who are kidnapping other beings and making them fight in their armies.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

I was hoping that this science fiction choose-your-path book would be another blast like the Storytrails series, but it mostly proved to be a disappointment. The full-colour artwork is adequate, but not nearly as good as the work of many Fighting Fantasy artists. At 29 pages, the adventure feels quite insubstantial. It doesn't take long to explore all the possibilities the book holds, and the challenge level is pretty low overall (though there are a few interesting choices here and there). Poor gameplay could be forgiven if the book told a good story, but what we get here is a clich├ęd sci-fi tale which is not likely to stick in anyone's memory for very long. Overall, despite having some merits, I do not consider this a book worth hunting down. A good Choose Your Own Adventure book provides much more bang for the buck.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Clayton Graham for the cover image and details and to Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary.
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Intergalactic Quest edition

Series: Intergalactic Quest no. 1
Item: Slaves of Devron
Author: Milligan, Peter
Illustrator: Milligan, Peter
Date: 1986
ISBN: 0361072449 / 9780361072441
Length: 29 pages
Number of Endings: 5

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