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Item - Lady of the Winds

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Series: HeartQuest — no. 6
Author: Novak(-Grubb), Kate
Illustrators: Otero, Ben (cover)
Valusek, Valerie A. (interior)
Date: 1984
User Summary: Your stepfather doesn't understand what a free spirit you are, and when he tries to sell your beloved horse for dowry money, you run away from home to make your own destiny.
Fireguard's Thoughts:

I'll say this about Lady of the Winds: at least the reader's first choice isn't if they want to stay home and hope for the best, and on the whole I found it easier to stick with the story than other books in the HeartQuest series. However, that doesn't mean this is a great book. I blame part of my ability to stay with the book partly on a slightly more interesting plot than average, but partly on the romance aspect feeling downplayed from the rest of the series. While there are new feelings to explore, the book's emphasis is squarely on stopping the tyrant. Also, a lot of "choices" aren't really choices at all. Most just ask, "Would you get help or would you have enough confidence to handle the problem yourself?" Encouraging young readers to be brave is great, but used to the degree that it is here makes the interactivity feel limp. All that said, the writing is passable and I felt that the heroine gets more of a chance than the others in this series do to be capable and not have to rely on her love interest to survive the perils of being the hero of a D&D adventure. It's no Moon Dragon Summer, but I wouldn't feel bad recommending this to someone curious about the series. 6/10

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