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Forgotten Realms Novels

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Publishers: Penguin -- United Kingdom
TSR -- United States
Wizards of the Coast -- United States
Category: Product Family : Dungeons & Dragons
Translated Into: Reinos olvidados (Spanish)

This series of non-interactive novels, based on the popular AD&D campaign setting, has been extremely long-lasting and successful. Books that are listed below without numbers were originally released as hardbacks and don't fit into the same release pattern as the paperback-only releases.


The Cleric Quintet Collectors Edition
The Dark Elf Trilogy Collector's Edition
The Icewind Dale Collector's Edition
The Legacy of the Drow Collector's Edition


Cormyr Saga 1: Cormyr: A Novel
Cormyr Saga 2: Beyond the High Road
Cormyr Saga 3: Death of the Dragon
Elminster in Hell
Elminster in Myth Drannor
Elminster: The Making of a Mage
Evermeet, Island of Elves
Hunter's Blades Trilogy 1: The Thousand Orcs
Hunter's Blades Trilogy 2: The Lone Drow
Hunter's Blades Trilogy 3: The Two Swords
Legacy of the Drow 1: The Legacy
Legacy of the Drow 2: Starless Night
Legacy of the Drow 3: Siege of Darkness
Legacy of the Drow 4: Passage to Dawn
Murder in Cormyr
Murder in Halruaa
Paths of Darkness 1: The Silent Blade
Paths of Darkness 2: The Spine of the World
Paths of Darkness 3: Servant of the Shard
Paths of Darkness 4: Sea of Swords
Shores of Dusk
Starlight and Shadows 1: Daughter of the Drow
Starlight and Shadows 2: Tangled Webs
Starlight and Shadows 3: Windwalker
The Temptation of Elminster
1. Moonshae Trilogy 1: Darkwalker on Moonshae
2. Icewind Dale Trilogy 1: The Crystal Shard
3. Moonshae Trilogy 2: Black Wizards
4. Spellfire
5. Finder's Stone Trilogy 1: Azure Bonds
6. Icewind Dale Trilogy 2: Streams of Silver
7. Moonshae Trilogy 3: Darkwell
8. Pool of Radiance
9. Finder's Stone Trilogy 2: The Wyvern's Spur
10. Finder's Stone Trilogy 3: Song of the Saurials
11. Avatar Trilogy 1: Shadowdale
12. Avatar Trilogy 2: Tantras
13. Avatar Trilogy 3: Waterdeep
14. Maztica Trilogy 1: Ironhelm
15. Maztica Trilogy 2: Viperhand
16. Maztica Trilogy 3: Feathered Dragon
17. Empires Trilogy 1: Horselords
18. Empires Trilogy 2: Dragonwall
19. Empires Trilogy 3: Crusade
20. Dark Elf Trilogy 1: Homeland
21. Dark Elf Trilogy 2: Exile
22. Dark Elf Trilogy 3: Sojourn
23. Icewind Dale Trilogy 3: The Halfling's Gem
24. Harpers Series 1: The Parched Sea
25. Harpers Series 2: Elfshadow
26. Harpers Series 3: Red Magic
27. Cleric Quintet 1: Canticle
28. Cleric Quintet 2: In Sylvan Shadows
29. Cleric Quintet 3: Night Masks
30. Pools of Darkness
31. Harpers Series 4: The Night Parade
32. Harpers Series 5: The Ring of Winter
33. Druidhome Trilogy 1: Prophet of Moonshae
34. Druidhome Trilogy 2: The Coral Kingdom
35. Druidhome Trilogy 3: The Druid Queen
36. Cleric Quintet 4: Fallen Fortress
37. Harpers Series 6: Crypt of the Shadowking
38. Pool of Twilight
39. Realms of Valor
40. Avatar Series 4: Prince of Lies
41. Harpers Series 7: Soldiers of Ice
42. Harpers Series 8: Elfsong
43. Harpers Series 9: Crown of Fire
44. Cleric Quintet 5: Chaos Curse
45. Twilight Giants Trilogy 1: The Ogre's Pact
46. Realms of Infamy
47. Twilight Giants Trilogy 2: The Giant Among Us
48. Once Around the Realms
49. Nobles Series 1: King Pinch
50. Harpers Series 10: Masquerades
51. Twilight Giant Trilogy 3: The Titan of Twilight
52. Nobles Series 2: War in Tethyr
53. Harpers Series 11: Curse of the Shadowmage
54. The Shadow of the Avatar 1: Shadows of Doom
55. The Shadow of the Avatar 2: Cloak of Shadows
56. The Shadow of the Avatar 3: All Shadows Fled
57. Realms of Magic
58. Nobles Series 3: Escape from Undermountain
59. Nobles Series 4: The Mage in the Iron Mask
60. Nobles Series 5: Council of Blades
61. Harpers Series 12: The Veiled Dragon
62. Harpers Series 13: Silver Shadows
63. Harpers Series 14: Stormlight
64. Realms of the Underdark
65. Arcane Age: Netheril Trilogy 1: Sword Play
66. Arcane Age: Netheril Trilogy 2: Dangerous Games
67. Arcane Age: Netheril Trilogy 3: Mortal Consequences
68. Realms of the Arcane
69. Harpers Series 15 / Lost Gods Series 1: Finder's Bane
70. Avatar Series 5: Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad
71. Lost Empires Series 1: The Lost Library of Cormanthyr
72. Nobles Series 6: The Simbul's Gift
73. Realms of Mystery
74. Lost Gods Series 3: Tymora's Luck
75. Harpers Series 16: Thornhold
76. Lost Empires Series 2: Faces of Deception
77. Adventures Series 1: The Shadow Stone
78. Threat from the Sea Series 1: Rising Tide
79. Lost Empires 2: Star of Cursrah
80. Songs & Swords Book 5: The Dream Spheres
81. The Glass Prison
82. Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters
83. Threat from the Sea 2: Under Fallen Stars
84. Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
85. Cities Series 1: The City of Ravens
86. Baldur's Gate
87. Sembia 1: The Halls of Stormweather
88. Counselors and Kings 1: The Magehound
89. Lost Empires 3: The Nether Scroll
90. Realms of the Deep
91. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
92. Threat from the Sea 3: The Sea Devil's Eye
93. Sembia 2: Shadow's Witness
94. Return of the Archwizards 1: The Summoning
95. Counselors and Kings 2: The Floodgate
96. Sembia 3: The Shattered Mask
97. Cities Series 2: Temple Hill
98. Sembia 4: Black Wolf
99. Return of the Archwizards 2: The Siege
100. Baldur's Gate II: The Throne of Bhaal
101. Counselors and Kings 3: The Wizardwar
102. Return of the Archwizards: Realms of Shadow
103. Sembia 5: Heirs of Prophecy
104. War of the Spider Queen 1: Dissolution
105. Return of the Archwizards 3: The Sorcerer
106. Sembia 6: Sands of the Soul
107. War of the Spider Queen 2: Insurrection
108. Sembia 7: Lord of Stormweather
109. War of the Spider Queen 3: Condemnation
110. Rogues 1: The Alabaster Staff
111. The Erevis Cale Trilogy 1: Twilight Falling
112. The Rogues 2: The Black Bouquet
113. The Scions of Arrabar 1: The Sapphire Crescent
114. The Rogues 3: The Crimson Gold
115. War of the Spider Queen 4: Extinction
116. The Rogues 4: The Yellow Silk
117. House of Serpents 1: Venom's Taste
118. The Year of Rogue Dragons 1: The Rage
119. The Erevis Caves Trilogy 2: Dawn of Night
120. War of the Spider Queen 5: Annihilation
121. The Scions of Arrabar 2: The Ruby Guardian
122. Realms of Dragons

Short Story

Bread Storm Rising
The Club Rules
The Common Spell
Darkly, Through a Glass of Ale
The Devil and Tertius Wands
The Direct Approach
Ekhar Lorrent: Gnome Detective
Every Dog His Day
The Eye of the Dragon
The First Moonwell
The Grinning Ghost of Taverton Hall
The Grotto of Dreams
Gunne Runner
The Lady and the Shadow
The Luck of Llewellyn the Loquacious
The Magic Thief
A Narrowed Gaze
The Quiet Place
Red Ambition
The Rose Window
Secrets of Blood, Spirits of the Sea
Shadows of the Past
Six of Swords
Smoke Powder and Mirrors
Speaking with the Dead
Strange Bedfellows
Tertius and the Artifact
Thieves' Justice
Thieves' Reward
Too Familiar
An Unusual Suspect
A Walk in the Snow
When Even Sky Cities Fall
Whence the Song of Steel
The Whispering Crown
The Wild Bunch
Wishing You Many More
A Worm Too Soft

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