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Items in English

Camp Cheer Wants: Camp Cheer Has: None.
Choices (free versions) Wants: [1], [2], [3] Has: None.
Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) Wants: [185] (Maybe it will be published under R.A.'s new company Chooseco.) Has: Choose Your Own Adventure Box Set 2 (6-10) (No box :'(), [1] (Definitely one of my favorites.), [51]
Create Your Own Erotic Fantasy Wants: None. Has: [2] (Interesting, but could have been better.)
Fabulous Terrible: The Adventures of You Wants: [2], [3] Has: [1] (Written in second person perspective, but it is more a narrative from your perspective.)
Give Yourself Goosebumps Wants: None. Has: [5]
HeartQuest Wants: None. Has: [1] (Good number of endings.), [2], [3], [4] (I think this is my favorite of the series.), [5], [6] (A little different than the others. )