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Sprints Flips
You Choose: Fractured Fairy Tales
Steam Highwayman
Live Your Own Adventures
Miscellaneous Works by Matt Barton
Computer Gamer
Choose Your Fairy Tale
Segue o Teu Coração
Choose Your Own Ever After
Einsamer Wolf: Die Neuen Kai Krieger
Usborne Whodunnits
Usborne Spinechillers
Usborne Solve It Yourself
Usborne Science Puzzle Adventures
Enid Blyton Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries
Miscellaneous Works by Paul Adshead
Puzzle Storybooks
Lego Libro-Quiz Interattivo
Lego Action Maze Books
Lego Puzzle Storybooks
Usborne First Steps to Reading
Usborne Young Puzzles
Usborne Young Puzzle Adventures
Make Your Own Mistakes
Adventure Time: Which Way, Dude?
Miscellaneous Works by Nicholas Bourbaki
Miscellaneous Works by Demian Katz
Miscellaneous Works by Doris Webster and Mary Alden Hopkins
Plants vs. Zombies
Metal Heroes
Vengeance Game Books
Avalon Quests
Random Solo Adventure
Miscellaneous Works by Claudia Wülfrath
Miscellaneous Works by Charles A. F. King
The Saga of the Ariax
EDGE - I, Hero: Legends
Miscellaneous Works by A. K. Forest
Miscellaneous Works by Adam Carter
Knights of Torbalia
Miscellaneous Works by Jens Schumacher
Grøssernes mysterier
Jornada Científica
Misión Ciencias
Quest Adventure Set
Science Quest
History Quest
Dungeons to Dominions
Freeway Warrior