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Escape Book - Piemme
Escape Book - Salani
Choose Cthulhu (IT)
Child Wood
The Necronomicon Gamebook
An Interactive Adventure
Thomerion Trilogy
Write Your Own Adventure
Dossier Anunnaki
Fortezza Europa
Tempel der bösen Träume
Forgotten Realms Endless Quest
400 Series
Savage Realms: The Legorian Kings Saga
Choose-Your-Own-Path Books
A Ghostly, Time Travelling Game Book
Can You Brexit? Without Breaking Britain
Mission Pornstar
Piccolo Mysterysolvers
The Demon's Bane
Rolled & Told
Code Crackers
Interactive Story Series
Labyrinth Lord
Case Closed
Elige tu cuento
What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Make Your Own Magic
You Choose: Justice League
You Choose: Superman
The Unwritten
Adventure Time
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015)
Choose Your Way Through
Can You Survive?
Choose Your Own Adventure Spies
The New Road You Uncover So
Miscellaneous Works by Cory Tucholski
Miscellaneous Works by Mehdi Fakrahmad
Miscellaneous Works by D. Mann
Miscellaneous Works by Janina Scarlet
Adobenchā noberusu [アドベンチャーノベルス]
Scarthey, University of the Arcane: Choose Your Destiny
Miscellaneous Works by Vicente Leñero
Ta Políklona Paramíthia [Τα Πολύκλωνα Παραμύθια]
Try Not to Die