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Fantasy-Universal-Abenteuer Abenteuer-Set
You Are the Hero
Path of Legends: Lost City of the Dwarves
Ultima Forsan Solo Adventures
Pick-a-Path Apocalypse
Oracle System
Cards of Fate
Playmobil Interactive Movies
Comics Squad
Lego Star Wars
Choose Your Own Story: Wendigo's Wizarding Academy
Black Mirror
Choose Your Destiny: Star Wars
Choose Your Own Story: Sol Wars
Choose Your Own Story: Sneezy Steve
Choose Your Own Minecraft Story
Micro Adventurer
Kata Kumbas
Steve Jackson's Swordmaster
Miscellaneous Works by Peter Andrew Jones
Miscellaneous Works by Pavel Tomcsányi
Viva Essa Aventura!
Eastgate Hypertext Fiction
Miscellaneous Works by R. Wayne Schmittberger
Miscellaneous Works by Tsunami Media
Miscellaneous Works by Khara Khang
Miscellaneous Works by Mariusz Pisarski and Marcin Bylak
Þín eigin...
Revista Re-Unir
E-scrita (Revista do Curso de Letras da Uniabeu)
Guardian Maia
Miscellaneous Works by Christopher McLean-Wheeler
Miscellaneous Works by Pavel Tomcsányi
Ballkaya Adventures
Ballkaya Adventures
Savage Worlds
Choose Your Own Adventure Board Games
Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy
The Oregon Trail: Choose Your Own Trail
Dragon Pathways
Tunnels and Trolls: Fabled Worlds
Miscellaneous Works by Mae McKinnon
Das Kind der dunklen Sonne
Miscellaneous Works by Anthony Lampe
Cthulhu Chronicles: Investigations in Lovecraft Country
Miscellaneous Works by Felipe Ruwer
Livro-Jogo de RPG