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Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo
Graphic Novel Adventures: The Crusoe Crew
Miscellaneous Works by T. M. Grundner, Ed. D.
Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book
Miscellaneous Works by Ben Fitts
ye Royal Adventure
Escape Book - Electa
Il Caimano d'Argento
Battlegame Books
Star Wars: Du entscheidest
Who Dunnit?
You Be the Detective
The Magnet Detective
Interaktiver Horror-Roman
Be a Super Sleuth
1 Hour Star Damage Game Books
Miscellaneous Works by Carla Jablonski
Miscellaneous Works by Simon Palmer
In Brighton!
You Are Deadpool
Gli speciali di Geronimo
My Ultimate Super Villain Manual
Fra Tenebra e Abisso
La luna degli assassini
Hellas Heroes
La mia prima avventura
Il primo ordine
Raccontogame autoprodotto
Legendary Kingdoms
Choose Your Path and Face the Consequence
You Choose: Wonder Woman
BattleCards (US)
The Power to Choose
Miscellaneous Works by Paul Stapleton
Il signore delle fogne
Cattivik the best
Radiance Gamebook
Choose Your Own Track
My Ultimate Super Hero Manual
The Necronomicon Gamebook
Tales from Alcantria
zhàn dòu huàn xiǎng [戰鬥幻想]
Oberon (2016-)
Fighting Fantasy - Salani
Dungeon Saga
Obscura Genesi
Vivi e lascia risorgere