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The Cleric Trilogy
The Ingram Chronicles: A Ghostly Time-Travelling Game Book Mini-Series
A Shadow Thief Caper
The Chronicles of Numed
The Gamebook Collector's Check List and Price Guide
Collana Libri Gioco
Miscellaneous Works by Don Shaw
Miscellaneous Works by Mike Wilks
Miscellaneous Works by Kit Williams
Adventuregame Comics
Cantaloop [カンタループ]
Miscellaneous Works by Torquemada [Edward Powys Mathers]
Miscellaneous Works by Marie-Christine Helgerson
Miscellaneous Works by Robert B. Nelson
Miscellaneous Works by Gillian Clements
Ever After High
Heads or Tails
You Choose: Could You Survive?
Scooby-Doo! Case Files
Marvel Multiverse Missions
Choose Your Own Adventure Hardcovers
Lone Wolf, Definitive Edition
Ab Necessitate Excusi
Echo 931
Vier gegen die Finsternis
One Roll Gamebooks
Miscellaneous Works by Pedro Panhoca
Book of Legends: The Eternal Empire
Astro Racconto
The IFG Sequence
A Survival Horror Game Book
Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock
Zio Paperone
Among Us
Miscellaneous Works by Karl-Heinz Zapf
Shadows of Esteren
Super Librogame Giunti
Make Your Own Ending
Miscellaneous Works by Steffie Brocoli and Catherine Bidet
Dark Roads
Fortean Times
Quest Path Fantasy
Miscellaneous works by Roberto Fontanarrosa
Las multiaventuras de Arghyla y Mario Pester, el gato inteligente
Tu pasamiedos para una horrible pesadilla

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