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Series - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album

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Publisher: Troubador Press -- United States
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Combat
Game System : Magic
Game System : Multiple Players Supported
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Game System : Scores
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Dungeons & Dragons
Target Age Group : Older Children

This is primarily a storybook with line drawings to color in, but it also features a game derived from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which can be played either solitaire or by up to four cooperating players. A dungeon map with numbered rooms is printed in the center of the book, and numbered passages corresponding with the rooms are scattered throughout at the bottoms of the pages. A party of four characters is moved through the map, battling monsters until a treasure is found or everyone is killed. There’s no real plot and little in the way of interactivity (the only real choice to make is where to move next), but some variety is achieved thanks to the fact that different character classes behave differently during combat.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album

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