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Gamebooks are generally considered to be a solitary activity; however, there are a select few which use various clever means to allow multiple players to participate as either allies or adversaries.

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1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album
Advanced Fighting Fantasy
Adventure Gaming

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Blood Sword

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Castle Thrax
Combat Heroes

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Défis et sortilèges
Dicing with Dragons
Double Game
Duel Master

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Fighting Fantasy: Clash of the Princes
Football Fantasy

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Graphic Novel Adventures: Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars

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Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books
Lost Worlds: Queen's Blade Grimoire [クイーンズブレイド グリムワール]
Lost Worlds: Queen's Blade Rebellion [クイーンズブレイド リベリオン]
Lost Worlds: Queen's Blade [クイーンズブレイド]
Lost Worlds: Queen's Gate [クイーンズゲイト]

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Miscellaneous Works by Anshumani Ruddra
Miscellaneous Works by Patrick Leis

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On the Spot
Oracle System

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Playmark Book Games

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Quasar - Saga

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Stregoneria Rusticana