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Series - Lost Worlds: Queen's Gate [クイーンズゲイト]

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Publisher: Hobby Japan [ホビージャパン] -- Japan
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Hardback
Game System : Combat
Game System : Multiple Players Supported
Game System : Scores
Genre : Fantasy
Product Family : Lost Worlds
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Visual

This Japanese series uses the Lost Worlds game system under license. Each volume is a full-color hardback. Some characters are licensed from anime and video games. It is a companion to Queen's Blade, Queen's Blade Rebellion and Queen's Blade Grimoire.


1. Alice, Gate Opener
2. Ink Nijihara, Witch Girl
3. Iroha
4. Mai Shiranui
5. Dizzy
6. Mina Majikina
7. Cham Cham
8. Kasumi
9. Lili
10. Junko Hattori
11. Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae
12. Yagyu Jubei
13. Isabella "Ivy" Valentime
14. Yukimura Sanada
15. Noel Vermillion
16. Taki
17. Kanu
18. Pyrrha
19. Suchie-Pai

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