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Series - You Choose: Interactive History Adventures

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Publisher: Capstone Press -- United States
Categories: Format : Paperback
Genre : Historical Fiction
Product Family : You Choose
Target Age Group : Older Children

These gamebooks are designed to introduce children to various historical topics. They were followed by several spin-off series, including You Choose: Interactive Survival Adventures and You Choose: Interactive Mythological Adventures. These books appear to be unrelated both to the to the You Choose the Way Dick Tracy gamebook and to the Australian You Choose series.


Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Aztec Empire
The Battle of Bull Run
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The Battle of the Alamo
The Boston Massacre
The California Gold Rush
The Child Labor Reform Movement
Chinese Immigrants in America
The Civil Rights Movement
The Civil War
Colonial America
The Dust Bowl
Ellis Island
Exploring the New World
German Immigrants in America
The Golden Age of Pirates
The Great Depression
The Harlem Renaissance
Hurricane Katrina
Irish Immigrants in America
The Japanese-American Internment
Life as a Gladiator
Life as a Knight
Life as a Ninja
Life as a Samurai
Life as a Viking
The Making of the Social Network
Mexican Immigrants in America
The Middle Ages
The Oregon Trail
Orphan Trains
The Race to the Moon
The Revolutionary War
The Salem Witch Trials
The Sinking of the Lusitania
The Story of Juneteenth
The Titanic
The Underground Railroad
The Voting Rights Act of 1965
War in Afghanistan
Westward Expansion
The Wild West
World War I
World War II
World War II Infantrymen
World War II Naval Forces
World War II on the Home Front
World War II Pilots
World War II Spies

User Comments

This series seems like an effective learning tool to help the young reader understand a specific time and place by allowing them to make choices as someone there. The range of possibilities seems realistically limited to what history tells us. First impressions of this series are very good, based on my reading of Ancient Greece, but this series is priced for education, at almost 30USD each.


The hardback editions of these books are produced for the school and library markets, and are therefore quite expensive. However, paperback and ebook versions can be easily found in places like Amazon at much lower prices.


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