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Publishers: Draken Games -- United Kingdom
Lulu -- United Kingdom
Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : eBook
Format : Paperback
Game System : Combat
Game System : Inventory Management
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Game System : Scores
Genre : Fantasy
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person

Mark Wightman is a game designer and author who has self-published a gamebook inspired by the Fighting Fantasy system. Last Stand at Kirrinbahr features a simple game system in which the reader has three pre-set attributes (Combat, Health and Karma, which are equivalent to Fighting Fantasy's Skill, Stamina and Luck). Expanding upon the Fighting Fantasy system are four additional attributes which the reader can assign points to: Agility, Stealth, Engineering and Diplomacy. Combat and inventory management are extremely Fighting Fantasy-like. The adventure requires fairly extensive note-taking (you can return to locations and need to keep track of what remains there, and the number of enemies defeated during the course of the story is significant), and it also allows for detailed mapping, with overhead diagrams of rooms accompanying many sections.


Last Stand at Kirrinbahr

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