Demian's Gamebook Web Page

Platform - Commodore 64

Arcade Explorers

1. Save the Venturians!
2. Revenge of the Raster Gang
3. The Electronic Hurricane
4. The Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island

Choose Your Own Adventure Software Series

1. The Cave of Time
2. Escape

Computer Adventures

1. Timelost

Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer

Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer

Duel Master Software

Blood Valley

Falcon Software

The Renegade Lord

Fighting Fantasy Video Games

2. The Citadel of Chaos
2. The Citadel of Chaos: Software Pack
3. The Forest of Doom
4. Seas of Blood
5. Rebel Planet
6. Temple of Terror

Lone Wolf Software

3. Lone Wolf and the Ice Halls of Terror
4. The Mirror of Death

Magic Micro Adventure

1. Captain Kid and the Pirates
2. Superworld
3. Wizards of Wonder
4. The Cats of Castle Mountain

Meet Me at the Fair

Meet Me at the Fair

Micro Adventure

1. Space Attack
2. Jungle Quest
3. Million Dollar Gamble
4. Time Trap
5. Mindbenders
6. Robot Race
7. Doom Stalker
8. The Big Freeze
9. Dead Ringer
10. Spellbound

Miscellaneous Works by Stuart and Donna Paltrowitz

The Mystery and Adventure Computer Storybook

The Way of the Tiger Software

1. The Way of the Tiger
2. Avenger