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Person - Kukalis, Romas

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Items with "Kukalis, Romas" as Credited Illustrator

Alien, Go Home! (1 edition)
Behind the Wheel (2 editions)
Blood on the Handle (1 edition)
By Balloon to the Sahara (6 editions)
Crisis in Space (1 edition)
CyberHacker (1 edition)
Cyberspace Warrior (1 edition)
Death in the Dorm (1 edition)
Fire on Ice (1 edition)
The Garden of Evil (1 edition)
Grave Robbers (1 edition)
Hijacked! (2 editions)
Invasion of the Ormazoids (2 editions)
Lone Wolf (1 edition)
The Lost Ninja (2 editions)
Master of Kendo (1 edition)
Mayday! (1 edition)
Mind Bandits (1 edition)
Mission to Venus (2 editions)
Mountain Biker (1 edition)
Nightmare Planet (1 edition)
Ninja Avenger (1 edition)
Ninja Cyborg (1 edition)
Project UFO (2 editions)
Race Against Time (2 editions)
Return of the Ninja (2 editions)
Revenge of the Russian Ghost (1 edition)
Search for the Doctor (1 edition)
Shiva: An Adventure of the Ice Age (2 editions)
Snowboard Racer (1 edition)
Songs & Swords Book 5: The Dream Spheres (1 edition)
South Pole Sabotage (1 edition)
Stampede! (1 edition)
Steel Rain (1 edition)
Viking Raiders (1 edition)