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Items with "Easley, Jeff" as Credited Illustrator

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Midnight on Dagger Alley

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks

3. Escape from Castle Quarras (cover)
8. Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga (cover)
14. Trail Sinister (cover)
18. Prince of Thieves (cover)

Amazing Stories

1. The 4-D Funhouse (cover)
2. Jaguar! (cover)
3. Portrait in Blood (cover)
4. Nightmare Universe (cover)

Catacombs Solo Quest

2. Gnomes-100, Dragons-0 (interior)
4. Knight of the Living Dead (cover)

Dragonlance Novels

10. Heroes 1: The Legend of Huma (cover)
14. Preludes 2: Kendermore (cover)
17. Heroes II 1: Kaz the Minotaur (cover)
19. Heroes II 2: The Gates of Thorbardin (cover)
21. Heroes II 3: Galen Benighted (cover)
35. Villains Series 1: Before the Mask (cover)
37. Villains Series 2: The Black Wing (cover)
38. Villains Series 3: Emperor of Ansalon (cover)
40. Villains Series 4: Hederick the Theocrat (cover)
48. Warriors 1: Knights of the Crown (cover)
61. Dragons of a New Age 1: The Dawning of a New Age (cover)
68. Lost Legends 2 / Lost Gods Series 2: Fistandantilus Reborn (interior)
72. Tales of Uncle Trapspringer (interior)
75. Bridges of Time 1: Spirit of the Wind (cover)
77. Bridges of Time 2: Legacy of Steel (cover)
78. Bridges of Time 3: The Silver Stair (cover)
85. Reader's Companion: The Odyssey of Gilthanas (cover)

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules (red box) (interior)
The New Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons (cover)
4. Lathan's Gold (interior)

Endless Quest

6. Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons (cover)
14. Raid on Nightmare Castle (cover)
22. The Endless Catacombs
24. Trouble on Artule (cover)
27. Lair of the Lich (cover)
29. Tower of Darkness (cover)
31. Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds (cover)
32. Prisoner of Elderwood (cover)
36. Song of the Dark Druid (cover)
37. Dungeon of Fear (cover)
39. Secret of the Djinn (cover)
40. Siege of the Tower (cover)
41. A Wild Ride (cover)
42. Forest of Darkness (cover)
43. American Knights (cover)
46. Bigby's Curse (cover)

Fantasy Forest

1. The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn (cover)
2. Ruins of Rangar (cover)
7. Castle in the Clouds (cover)

Forgotten Realms Novels

Cleric Quintet 1: Canticle (cover)
Dark Elf Trilogy 1: Homeland (cover)
Dark Elf Trilogy 2: Exile (cover)
Dark Elf Trilogy 3: Sojourn (cover)
Elminster: The Making of a Mage (cover)
Icewind Dale Trilogy 3: The Halfling's Gem (cover)
Legacy of the Drow 1: The Legacy (cover)
7. Moonshae Trilogy 3: Darkwell (cover)
11. Avatar Trilogy 1: Shadowdale (cover)
20. Dark Elf Trilogy 1: Homeland (cover)
21. Dark Elf Trilogy 2: Exile (cover)
22. Dark Elf Trilogy 3: Sojourn (cover)
23. Icewind Dale Trilogy 3: The Halfling's Gem (cover)
27. Cleric Quintet 1: Canticle (cover)

Greyhawk Novels

2. Artifact of Evil (interior)

Spelljammer Novels: The Cloakmaster Cycle

1. Beyond the Moons (cover)

TSR Books

2. St. John the Pursuer 1: Vampire in Moscow (cover)
3. Bimbos of the Death Sun
16. Web of Futures (cover)