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Item - Night of the Necromancer

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(Wizard S2 (Large, Embossed))
(Wizard S2 (Large, Embossed))
(Wizard S2 (Small))
(Wizard S2 (Small))
(Wizard S2 (Small))
(Wizard S2 (Small))

Combined Summary

Series: Fighting Fantasy (2009-2012, Wizard Books Series 2) — no. 8
Translated Into: La Nuit du Nécromancien (French)
Author: Green, Jonathan
Date: April, 2010 (Wizard S2 (Large, Embossed))
ISBN: 1848311184 / 9781848311183 (Wizard S2 (Large, Embossed))
Length: 450 sections
Special Thanks:Thanks to sireeyore for the cover images.
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Known Editions

Wizard S2 (Large, Embossed)
Wizard S2 (Small)

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