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Item - The Lost Diary

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Series: Choices (free versions) — no. 2
Platform: Microsoft Word
Author: Barnett, Jasan P.
Date: August 27, 2007
Length: 31 pages
Number of Endings: 4 (1 of these is victorious)
User Summary: Your mother has misplaced her diary at the marketplace and has asked you to go there and see if you can find it. The likelihood of success seems slim but you never know what events may transpire that will even up the odds for you. Will you recover the lost diary?
Demian's Thoughts:

This is quite similar to the previous entry in the series, but a bit less satisfying. Once again, setting is left rather abstract, and a variety of gamebook techniques are tried out. This time around, there is more interaction with other human characters, though this is marred by sometimes heavy-handed use of dialect. The bigger problem, though, is the "to be continued" ending, which makes this a less enjoyable read than its predecessor -- a super-short gamebook that stands alone feels like a fun mild diversion, but a super-short gamebook that ends with a cliffhanger just feels unfinished. Perhaps when the rest of the story is written and available, it will help to justify this adventure, but until that time, it's probably better to wait and read something else instead.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to the author for the plot summary and cover image.
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