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Choices (free versions)

1. The Wounded Falcon
2. The Lost Diary

The Dark One

1. Birth of the Dark One
2. Ruins of the Ancients
3. The Memory of Haakon
4. Scions of Darkness
5. The Darklord's Return
6. The Dark Day

Fighting Fantasy: Amateur Adventures

Albatross Atoll
Bad Moon Rising
Below Zero Point
The Black Lobster
Blacksand Revisited
Bloodsworth Bayou
The Bodies in the Docks
Charms and Tiny Arrows
The Cold Heart of Chaos
Contractual Obligation
The Crimson Ark
The Curse of Drumer
The Dark Lord
The Dead World
The Diamond Key
The Enriyes
Escape Neuburg Keep
A Flame in the North
Fortress of Evil
Garden of Bones
The Golden Crate
Grisly Death
The Horror of Craggen Rock
House of Horror
House of Pain
Hummingbirds Island
Hunger of the Wolf
The Hypertrout
In the Footsteps of a Hero
In the Name of Love
Island of the Soulless
The Island of the Tyrant
The Loyal Servant
Midnight Deep
Midnight Rogue II
A Midwinter Carol
Monarch of Monoland
Nen-Tai Island
Nightmare Castle: Rise of Skarlos
O Greayt Orc Boss
Out of Time
Papagayo Island
Passages of Peril
Pit of Peril
Planet of the Spiders
The Presence of a Hero
Quest for the Ebony Wand
Realm of the Vampire
Rebels of the Dark Chasms
Return to G15-275
Revenge of the Shadow Demon
Riders of the Storm
Sapphire Atoll
Satan's Academy
A Shadow in the North
A Simple Task
The Sleeping Dragon
Storm Petrel Island
To Catch a Thief
Tomb of the Ancients
The Triad of Skulls
The Trial of Allibor's Tomb
War of Deities - Part One
The Wrath of Cain
Wrong Way Go Back
Xshanaar Assassin
Yellow Snow

Fighting Fantasy: Amateur Short Stories

Count Carnage's Castle of Chaos
Crosshilt and Stormfire

Fighting Fantasy: The Newsletter

Debacle at Dead Man's Inn
Incredible Shrinking Knight
Into the Valley of Halos
Unbound Island