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Item - Curse of the Sunken Treasure

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(Early printing)
(Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy)
(Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy)
(Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy)
(Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy)
(Early printing with bike promo)
(Fourth printing)
(Fourth printing)
(Fourth printing)
(Fourth printing)
(Perma-bound edition)
(Perma-bound edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Which Way Books — no. 7
Translated Into: A maldicao do tesouro submerso (Portuguese)
Authors: Austin, R. G. (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Gelman, Rita Golden (uncredited)
Lamb, Nancy (uncredited)
Illustrator: Tomei, Lorna
Date: June, 1982 (Early printing)
ISBNs: 0671450980 / 9780671450984 (Early printing, Early printing with bike promo, Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy)
067152447X / 9780671524470 (Fourth printing)
0671601091 / 9780671601096 (Later printing)
Length: 115 pages
Number of Endings: 40
User Summary: A green light wakes you one night, and your attempts to locate its source lead you to treasure hunters.
Demian's Thoughts:

Despite its combination of sea serpents, aliens, and pirates, this book doesn't have as much variety as many of the other books in this series. Fortunately, it does have a few decoder puzzles to liven things up a bit, though they aren't very important to the flow of the book.

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Fireguard's Thoughts:

While I had fond childhood memories of this book, upon closer inspection it's not all that good. Internal logic is weak and a lot of choices aren't really meaningful. In particular I wasn't sure what would compel somebody to spend the night out in the open in some strange land to prove werewolves don't exist, especially when it's possible to have encountered aliens before then. A book best left to younger readers.

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gergsnickle's Thoughts:

I have fond memories of this book mainly because I won a 10-speed bike in 1982 by completing one of the puzzles in the back. Ironically, at the time I thought that the puzzle detracted from the appeal of these books, which - to me - was more about the imagination involved in reading them, than in the logic of solving puzzles. Even as a young child I recognized that the Which Way series was inferior to the Choose Your Own Adventure series in terms of mystique and quality. This was particularly apparent in this instance, where the concept was so close to Journey Under the Sea.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the Perma-Bound cover scans.
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Known Editions

Early printing
Second printing, "Econo Clad" copy
Early printing with bike promo
Fourth printing
Later printing
Perma-bound edition

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