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Item - The Island of Horror

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Series: Which Way? — no. 5
Translated Into: L'île aux cent squelettes (French)
Author: Burston, Patrick
Illustrator: Gestin, Sandrine
Dates: 1996
2008 (reissue)
ISBNs: 0744547245 / 9780744547245
0744598214 / 9780744598216
1406317721 / 9781406317725 (reissue)
Length: 47 pages
Number of Endings: 4 restarts, 1 end/restart
User Summary: Your plane has been shot at, and now you must a find way out of a dangerous island.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is another entertaining entry in the series, with a few tough puzzles. It is made a bit more interesting than previous books by challenging the reader to find nine items scattered throughout, in addition to the optimal ending. Finding all the items requires exploring the entire book and solving all the puzzles included. Good stuff.

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zat's Thoughts:

In this book, you play an unknown pilot of some sort whose plane has been shot down above a mysterious island, and you are now trying to find a way off. This is not a very good book. The text from section to section is disjointed in parts (example - in one part, you are swimming off a lighthouse, and the next thing you know you've found and opened a treasure chest!) and some bits just don't make sense. At least your animal companion isn't as annoying as in some of the other books in this series. Of the books in this series I have read, this one is unique in that the optimal ending is not at the last page. Not recommended.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the Puzzle Master cover scans. Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the Choose-Your-Way and Which Way? images.
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