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Item - Sewers of Oblivion

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Series: Tunnels and Trolls — no. 13
Platform: Adobe Acrobat
Adapted Into: Road to Gull (Digital Gamebook)
Sewers of Oblivion (Digital Gamebook)
Author: Stackpole, Michael A.
Illustrator: Danforth, Elizabeth (Liz) T.
Dates: 1980
February 23, 2008 (eBook)
Length: 48 pages
castiglione's Thoughts:

Sewers of Oblivion is a sequel (or sorts) to City of Terrors. Like City of Terrors, it is written by Michael Stackpole.

At the beginning of the adventure, you're carousing at a local tavern in the city of Gull, have a bit too much to drink and end up getting mugged by the local ruffians. When the local constabulary comes to your rescue, the muggers decide to get rid of the evidence (you) by throwing it down a sewer! Now, you're lost in the labyrinth beneath the city streets and your objective is to get out of the sewers alive.

Unlike many of the other Tunnels & Trolls solitaires, this one was designed for a "super-charged" character - thus, I didn't get to play this one much. However, the times that I did, I found it to be a fun (albeit somewhat conventional) solitaire - basically another dungeon crawl... except in a sewer. It borrows a bit from Sword for Hire by giving you a guide/companion (I believe it was a little demon boatman) who led you through the sewers.

Like City of Terrors, it had quite a bit of sexual content! Actually, many of the solitaires had a bit of sexual content... it's interesting thinking about it now since I don't think many commercial role-playing game products have that much in the way of sex (or maybe I'm wrong - I haven't exactly "kept current" in the hobby).

An interesting thing about Sewers is that many fights occur underwater (you are, after all, in a sewer); in such encounters, you are limited to the use of only daggers, and players are advised to make sure their characters have plenty of them for the upcoming adventure. Players must also make saving rolls during these fights to avoid taking "drowning damage" - the more armor you're wearing, the more difficult the saving rolls you are required to make. And, as befits an adventure set in a sewer, there's a good chance you'll catch something nasty down there... for the sake of clarity, I'm talking about diseases and not some beasty, although there are plenty of those wandering the sewers as well.

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