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Item - The Second Conquest

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(Storytrails edition)
(Storytrails edition)
(Storytrails edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Storytrails — no. 18
Translated Into: Conquest II [Конкуест II] (Bulgarian)
Zhēngfú hào tàikōngchuán [征服號太空船] (Chinese)
Author: Sharp, Allen
Illustrator: Storey, John
Dates: 1985 (Storytrails edition)
September, 1987 (Storytrails edition)
Length: 46 sections (Storytrails edition)
Number of Endings: 5 (Storytrails edition)
User Summary: It's the year 2066, and nuclear war has started on Earth. Fleeing the destruction, you launch yourself into space....
Guillermo's Thoughts:

What an awesome book. One of my main complaints against gamebook authors is that, with a few honourable exceptions, they did not show a thorough knowledge of the literary genres they purported to be writing in (the creators of Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries, Narnia Solo Games and Middle-earth Quest being an exception that comes to mind). Allen Sharp, on the other hand, knows an impressive variety of genres admirably well, science fiction included. This book combines a series of influences ranging from Jules Verne to (yikes) Arthur C. Clarke, and somehow it works. The story is entertaining, involving and thought-provoking, and gameplay is quite challenging as well. This book is definitely a must read, especially for those who categorize interactive fiction as 'silly.' Who knows, you may derive more enjoyment out of this than out of those sports-based CYOA books. Definitely recommended.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Phil Gurvich for the cover scan and Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary.
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Known Editions

Storytrails edition
Storytrails edition (in The Storytrails Book of Science Fiction)

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