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Item - Escape from Thyferra

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Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars Missions — no. 2
Author: Windham, Ryder
Date: October, 1997 (First printing)
ISBN: 0590127942 / 9780590127943
User Summary: While investigating the mystery discovered in the previous adventure, you and your friends are captured by Imperial troops on the planet Thyferra; you must escape, free your friends, and try to learn more about the Empire's latest evil scheme.
Demian's Thoughts:

While this is a decent enough entry in the series, I definitely did not enjoy it as much as the previous adventure. Part of the problem is likely that I chose to play as C3P0, possibly the worst choice I could have made. I had hoped that his special skills would allow for interesting solutions to some of the encounters, but he turned out to simply be useless at nearly everything. When you have low combat abilities, the gameplay becomes even more tedious than normal due to endless re-rolling and deducting of points. Additionally, like the previous adventure, this was really not written with a non-human protagonist in mind. A more thoughtful approach to supporting the full range of available characters would have improved the experience considerably.

Those problems aside, though, the book does a competent job of advancing the mystery initiated in the first adventure and offers a few opportunities for the familiar Star Wars characters to do their thing. It suffers more than the previous book from its "on rails" style of gameplay, but there's at least a little bit of variety in between the repetitive fighting.

My enthusiasm for this series is slightly diminished, but I certainly plan to proceed soon!

My Starting Score - 1532
My Ending Score - 1810

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