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Item - The Legend of the __________ (adj) __________ (n)

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Combined Summary

Series: Sorcerer's Apprentice no. 13
Tunnels and Trolls
Author: Danforth, Elizabeth (Liz) T.
Date: 2014 (Tunnels and Trolls edition)
User Summary: You find yourself in a wilderness with no recollection of how you got there, and start having adventures.
castiglione's Thoughts:

This adventure is a tongue-in-cheek romp. The reader is asked to compile a list of 20 nouns, 10 plural nouns, 15 adjectives, five of the usual T & T attributes (ST, LK, IQ, DEX, CON, CHR and SPD), about 20-30 numbers and five proper names. At this point, the meaning of the adventure's title should become clear. The adventure's paragraphs don't tell you that you've run into two orcs brandishing broadswords... instead, they'll say you've run into __________ (#) __________ (pl. n) brandishing __________ (pl. n) each with a monster rating of __________ (#), which means you fill in the first blank with the first number on your list of numbers, the next blank with the first plural noun on your list, the next blank with the NEXT plural blank, etc. This results in rather bizarre situations like the adventurer getting attacked by grand pianos armed with cotton balls who could be more lethal than the best swordsmen of the land!

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

(Review based on the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Adventurers Compendium version.)

As castiglione mentions above, this is a tongue-in-cheek adventure (the player is still expected to have a rolled-up character and play it by the rules, though). The reader is asked to compile lists of words and numbers at the beginning, and the narrative is full of blank spaces where these words and numbers are to be inserted. This leads to funny situations where the reader could end up smelling vile roses or fighting giant oranges, but also to instances where he or she could be asked to make a ridiculously high saving throw or fight opponents with astronomical stats. Like other Sorcerer's Apprentice adventures, this one is very short. It also contains nothing too creative except for the unusual "fill in the blanks" scheme. This is explicitly made to be played for laughs, but as an adventure it is pretty unremarkable.

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Errata:The starting paragraph for this adventure is not given; it should be listed as 8C.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Roland Lee for the title and errata.
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Known Editions

Sorcerer's Apprentice edition (in Sorcerer's Apprentice #13)
Tunnels and Trolls edition (in Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Adventurers Compendium)

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