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Series: Be an Interplanetary Spy — no. 11
Author: McEvoy, Seth
Illustrators: Fastner, Steve (cover)
Anderson, Darrel (interior)
Date: May, 1985
ISBN: 0553250787 / 9780553250787
Length: 121 pages
Number of Endings: 26
User Summary: To prevent an interplanetary war, you must retrieve a treaty lost in space centuries ago.
Aussiesmurf's Thoughts:

As noted by Demian, there is significant continuity in this book with almost the entire series, as at one point you wander through a museum featuring all of your past missions. The attempts to tell a story of peace and harmony among the homicidal life-or-death riddles is certainly brave. The final revelation in the book sits pretty uncomfortably with the fact that you were nearly killed on numerous occasions.

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Demian's Thoughts:

This book refers back to almost all of the previous books in the series; it's a direct sequel to Robot World and it draws characters from various other stories. Apart from this it is fairly unexceptional.

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Dtar's Thoughts:

Agreed with Demian: Unexceptional. I also found it to be not as memorable as books 10 and 12. The illustrations seemed sloppier than #10, which was done by the same artist.

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