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Translated Into: Tienda de pesadillas (Spanish)
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: The reader, trapped after closing in the newest and largest department store in Atlanta, is given choices to make to remove himself from the night of terror.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is something of an improvement over the previous volume even though it shares most of the same flaws. There are choices that affect outcomes rather than actions, but not quite so many, and while the story is full of random and senseless events and has nothing that could be described as a meaningful plot, at least the paths through it are longer and more satisfying than those in the last book. Some of the stories told in this volume are purely silly and ridiculous, but others have at least a little bit of atmosphere; in fact, when I was considerably younger, I recall being genuinely frightened by parts of the book. It's still far from being a great success, but it's not as hopelessly weak as its predecessor.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

(review based on the Spanish translation)

I enjoyed this book quite a bit, even though it's not as good as Craven House Horrors. I think many of us wondered as children what it would be like to stay in a large department store after closing time, and this book provides an answer, telling a story where the entire store comes to life and tries to kill the player character. My gripe with the book is that the different paths are of uneven quality: some are quite inspired while others are just silly. Paul Frame's illustrations help the atmosphere a lot, and he keeps up the good work for most of the series. In spite of its flawed parts, the book is genuinely frightening and worth a read.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the British cover scans.
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Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories edition

(American cover)
(British edition)
(British edition)
Series: Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories no. 2
Item: Nightmare Store
Author: Milton, Hilary
Illustrators: Frame, Paul
Eastbury, Dave (British cover)
Dates: 1982
1985 (British edition)
ISBNs: 0416458602 / 9780416458602 (British edition)
067145630X / 9780671456306 (American edition)
Length: 121 pages
Number of Endings: 25

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