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Item - The Warlock of the Extremely High Tower of Painful Mystical Death

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Series: Kobolds Ate My Baby! — no. 1
Author: Katz, Demian
Illustrators: O'Neill, Christopher (cover)
Carrasco, Jode (interior)
Date: 2000
Length: 100 sections, plus bestiary
Number of Endings: 30
User Summary: Tabriz the Warlock has stolen a juicy baby from you, and you want it back! Unfortunately, that requires a visit to the Incredibly High Tower of Painful Mystical Death....
Demian's Thoughts:

I wrote this book, so I can't really comment on its quality. Instead, I'll give a little background information. First of all, the title is vaguely a parody of that of the first Fighting Fantasy book, though the content is inspired by one of the entries in the "Baby Horrible Death Chart" from the Kobolds Ate My Baby! rulebook. The whole thing was written pretty quickly (divine inspiration?) and wouldn't be what it is today without the valuable assistance of Jode Carrasco, my good friend and the book's illustrator, and Tiffany Cory, my then-girlfriend and an ever-so-tolerant proofreader. In any case, this was the first success in my campaign to get new gamebooks in print, and I'm proud of it even though it wasn't necessarily a spectacular financial success.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

Kobolds Ate My Baby! has become a cult RPG in the decades since Demian wrote this adventure. This solo (which has become very rare to find since) provides the unusual opportunity to play a kobold who is fond of eating human babies. The game (which follows the usual "journey to the evil wizard's castle and defeat him" trope) is very short and railroady. There are many ways to complete it successfully, meaning that achieving a successful ending will not feel like much of a challenge. Still, if you enjoy quirky endings (of which there are plenty) it can be worth reading several times over. Overall, this is a book to be read for laughs, but is of limited value otherwise.

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