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Adapted From: Naked Doom (Solitaire Adventure)
Florik's Thoughts:

In an inverted Fall of Man, the local authorities punish you for some heinous crime or minor offence by sending you naked to a garden full of frogs and mushrooms and ... natural caves with monsters in them. No, it's not quite Eden. The water is poisonous, the air full of toxic fumes, and just wait till you find out about those mushrooms.

One bit of advice: Don't play this digital mini adventure right after you've obtained a valuable weapon in A Sworded Adventure, as you'll get stripped of all possessions at the start. Rather, roll up a new character and see what you can do. As a plus, the MetaArcade Tunnels & Trolls app (now unified, by the way) offers free unlimited plays of this scenario.

And don't expect to win on your first try, or even on the eighth. I've never played an adventure with so many instadeaths. After over a dozen attempts, however, you'll find your way around easily enough. Barring the occasional fumbled die roll, newly rolled up characters will then reach the positive ending more often than not, to be promoted to second level. Some of the lucky ones, and only those, will also receive a powerful weapon.

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