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Platform - Android

Anybody Out There: Dead City

Anybody Out There: Dead City

Ballkaya Adventures

Your Story - Zoo Adventure

CKS Studio

Hyper Rift

Cthulhu Chronicles: Investigations in Lovecraft Country

1. Alone Against the Flames
2. Edge of Darkness
3. Dead Boarder
4. Eyes of the Law
5. Paper Chase
6. The Good Professor
7. Miskatonic University
8. Crimson Letters
9. Blackwater Creek

Cubus Games (English)

1. The Sinister Fairground
2. Necklace of Skulls
3. Heavy Metal Thunder
4. Sol Invictus
5. Deadman Diaries
6. The Frankenstein Wars
7. 'Normal Club

Detective's Choice

1. Jack Jericho and the Bloody Burlesque Show

Fra Tenebra e Abisso

1. Fra Tenebra e Abisso: Il Marchio
2. Fra Tenebra e Abisso: La Megera
3. Fra Tenebra e Abisso: Emraia

Gamebook Adventures

Infinite Universe
1. An Assassin in Orlandes
2. The Siege of the Necromancer
3. Slaves of Rema
4. Revenant Rising
5. Catacombs of the Undercity
6. The Wizard from Tarnath Tor
7. Temple of the Spider God
8. Curse of the Assassin
9. Sultans of Rema
10. Lords of Nurroth
11. Songs of the Mystics
12. Asuria Awakens

Gamebook Adventures Choices

Sons of Uruzime

Gamebook Adventures Masters

The Complete Sagas of Fire*Wolf
Gary Chalk's Gun Dogs

Gamebook Adventures: Chooseomatic

Zombocalypse Now

Gamebook Adventures: Fighting Fantasy

1. Blood of the Zombies
2. House of Hell
3. The Forest of Doom
4. Island of the Lizard King
5. Starship Traveller
6. Appointment with F.E.A.R.
7. Caverns of the Snow Witch
8. Bloodbones

Gamebook Adventures: Judge Dredd

1. Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106

Gamebook Adventures: Legacy of Dorn

1. Herald of Oblivion

Gamebook Adventures: Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be

To Be Or Not To Be

Gamebook Adventures: Strange Loves

1. Vampire Boyfriends
2. Hex Boyfriends

Gamebook Adventures: The Spellcaster Trilogy

1. The Forgotten Spell

Gamebook Adventures: Trial of the Clone

Trial of the Clone

Gamebook Experience

St. George 1: The Forging of a Legend
St. George 2: Heroes Without Honor

Gamebook Experience

Sant Jordi 1: La Forja d'una Llegenda
Sant Jordi 2: Herois sense honor

Gamebook Experience

San Jorge 1: La Forja de una Leyenda
San Jorge 2: Héroes sin honor

Guardian Maia

1. Guardian Maia, Ep. 1

Lone Wolf (BulkyPix)

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Pocket RPG

Pocket RPG

A Road Less Traveled

1. Westward Dystopia
2. Spire Ablaze


Ambar's Fate

Sorcery! (Inkle)

1. Sorcery! 1
2. Sorcery! 2
3. Sorcery! 3
4. Sorcery! 4

Steam Highwayman (Cubus Games)

1. Smog & Ambuscade

Tunnels and Trolls

The Black Heart
Circle of Ice
Naked Doom

Tunnels and Trolls: Mini Solo

First Command
Grimtina's Guard
Seven Ayes
Thief for Hire

Tunnels and Trolls: Necropolis of Vaarh

1. The Journey
2. The City of the Dead

Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade

1. The Ascendant
2. Buffalo Castle
3. Blue Frog Tavern
4. Sword for Hire
5. A Sworded Adventure
6. Gamesmen of Kasar
7. Mistywood
8. Caravan to Tiern
9. Road to Gull
10. Golden Dust, Red Death
11. Hot Pursuit
12. Sewers of Oblivion
13. Deathtrap Equalizer
14. Stop Thief!
15. City of Terrors
16. Ultimatum