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Item - Gamesmen of Kasar

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Series: Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade — no. 6
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Adapted From: Gamesmen of Kasar (Solitaire Adventure)
Authors: Cram, Roy
Riordan, Sam
Florik's Thoughts:

Starting out, we find we're in Khazan no longer. No, this is a completely different town called Kasar.

The "Game" of Kasar is one of those "get rich quick if you don't die first" schemes that seem so popular in Trollworld. As in Naked Doom, you are forced to participate. While I've read that the printed version strips you of all possessions, the digital gamebook does not take away the sword you've probably just obtained in the previous installment of the Crown of Klade campaign, A Sworded Adventure.

Once inside, the adventure takes a decidedly modern turn. You'll be using the T&T equivalent of a cellphone in an environment that looks like the interior of a space station. There you'll encounter a blob-like opponent who seems to have stepped right out of a drug-induced dream.

According to the Kasarites, no one who has survived the game can ever remember any details. Well, I certainly wish I didn't.

On the game level, your task is to find the optimal path through a decision tree. Because of the peculiar background, logic won't help. I do appreciate the high number of "saving throws" necessary, which are really checks against your characteristics. They reward players who don't focus on combat skills alone when leveling up.

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