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Translated Into: Ninja! (French)
le maudit's Thoughts:

Ninja is an adequate prequel to an outstanding gamebook series. In Assassin!, a vague and oblique reference is made to our ninja's previous adventures on the Isle Of Plenty, and now we get to see those adventures in detail. It's also refreshing to see Gorobei--our ninja's opponent at the outset of Avenger!--in a capacity besides simple opponent, and this brings a more personal element lacking in later books of the series. Additionally, it's interesting to see how our ninja acquires the Blood of Nil and other initial starting equipment taken for granted by the time of Avenger! and other books, and that he had to earn his full allotment of Inner Force (only 3 in this prequel).

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Paperback edition, early printing

Series: The Way of the Tiger
Item: Ninja
Author: Walters, David
Illustrators: Villeneuve, Mylène
Chaussin, Eric
Pfister, Aude
Sallstrom, Mathias
Rafalli, Lise
Nabheebucus, Faiz
Di Lorenzo, Antoine
Date: April 9, 2014
ISBN: 1499106122 / 9781499106121
Length: 420 sections
Special Thanks: Thank you to sireeyore for the cover images.

Paperback edition, later printing

Kindle edition

Megara Entertainment Collector's Edition

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