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Series - Vidaventura

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Publisher: Fernández -- Mexico
Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Adventure
Genre : Fantasy
Genre : Horror
Genre : Mystery
Genre : Science Fiction
Genre : Sports Fiction

These original Spanish gamebooks resemble the Choose Your Own Adventure series; there are no rules, and the subject matter varies greatly from book to book. All of the books are illustrated, but the artists are not given credit. Fourteen titles were announced, but only six seem to have been published.


1. En busca del Yeti
2. Un caballero de la mesa redonda
3. El tesoro de Moctezuma
4. El monstruo de Loch Ness
5. La Llorona
6. Encuentros extragalácticos
7. Horror en el Museo de Cera
8. Perdidos en la Zona del Silencio
9. La Garra del Nagual
10. Fiebre de Cuentos de Hadas
11. El Anillo del Poder
12. Mexico, Ra, Ra, Ra!
13. Aullido Siniestro
14. Viaje al Otro Lado del Sol

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