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Series - Dragon Warriors

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Publishers: Corgi -- United Kingdom
Mongoose Publishing -- United Kingdom
Red Ruin Publishing
Serpent King Games -- United Kingdom
Category: Product Family : World of Legend
Translated Into: Doragon uoriaazu [ドラゴン・ウォーリアーズ] (Japanese)

Although initially this multi-player role-playing game did not feature any solitaire adventures, the original edition was published in a gamebook-like paperback format and eventually inspired the Blood Sword gamebooks, so it has often been viewed fondly by gamebook fans. In 2008, Magnum Opus released a revised and expanded second edition through Mongoose Publishing. In 2011, the rights were transferred to Serpent King Games, which reprinted the Magnum Opus editions in electronic, paperback and hardback format and also added new titles. In 2021, Red Ruin Publishing started to issue solitaire adventures in pdf-format, which are freely available through


Dragon Warriors Boxed Set

Role-Playing Games

Dragon Warriors, 2nd Edition

Role-Playing Materials

Cold Fury
Dragon Warriors Bestiary
Dragon Warriors Players Guide
The Elven Crystals, 2nd Edition
Friends or Foes
Fury of the Deep
The Knight's Tale
The Miller's Tale
Prince of Darkness
The Reeve's Tale
Sleeping Gods
1. Dragon Warriors
2. The Way of Wizardry
3. The Elven Crystals
4. Out of the Shadows
5. The Power of Darkness
6. The Lands of Legend

Solitaire Adventures

1. The Village of Frogton
2. Green Water, Crimson Stag
3. Village of the Damned
4. Meryon Woods
5. Desolation of the God King
6. Icon of Death
7. Plague of the Undead
8. Scourge of the Shadows
9. The Beast of the Black Tor
10. Ancient Silence
11. Catacombs of Dust
12. Winter's Breath

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User Comments

When, years ago, I started playing with the Blood Sword gamebooks, I got really fascinated by the setting.

I was definitively puzzled, too, because, unlike other well-established gamebooks settings (like the D&D one, due to the great popularity of the RPG, or the Lone Wolf one, thanks to the many books published), it appeared clear to me that there had been an excellent work on the setting and on the general flavor of the books, which seemed to me a little wasted for a mini series.

At that time I didn't know anything about the Dragon Warriors RPG, another little masterpiece from the '80s, really scarcely known, I must say, at least in Italy.

The RPG is ok in the overall, its debts towards the ever-influential D&D being quite evident, but the setting and the incredible quality of the scenarios provided in the books both stand out for their originality and the accurate craftsmanship of the writing and of cartography, as well.

Once more, I found older gamebooks and RPGs to be much more valuable than many hyper-produced titles of the present days.


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