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Series - Solve It Yourself... The Mystery Squad

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Publisher: Blackie -- United Kingdom
Categories: Complexity Level : Intermediate (Some Game Elements)
Format : Hardback
Format : Paperback
Game System : Scores
Genre : Mystery
Target Age Group : Older Children
Target Age Group : Younger Children
Translated Into: Detectives club (Italian)
Enquêtes policières (French)

These books, which have no relation to the American Solve It Yourself series, allow the reader to control the actions of the Mystery Squad, a group of children who solve crimes. The books are written in the third person and feature numerous puzzles and brain-teasers; solving these and making correct deductions score points for the reader, and at the end of each adventure, the reader is given a rating based on his or her score.


1. The Mystery Squad and the Dead Man's Message
2. The Mystery Squad and the Artful Dodger
3. The Mystery Squad and the Whistling Teeth
4. The Mystery Squad and Mr. Midnight
5. The Mystery Squad and the Creeping Castle
6. The Mystery Squad and the Candid Camera
7. The Mystery Squad and the Cannonball Kid
8. The Mystery Squad and the Robots' Revenge

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