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Publishers: Amarillo Design Bureau -- United States
Cumberland Games -- United States
Steve Jackson Games -- United States
Categories: Complexity Level : Solitaire RPG (External Rules Required)
Format : Paperback
Genre : Fantasy
Genre : Science Fiction
Licensed Property : Conan
Licensed Property : Novel Tie-In
Target Age Group : Adults
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person
Translated Into: GURPS (Portuguese)

GURPS, short for Generic Universal RolePlaying System, is one of the most popular and successful attempts to create a generic system that can be used for role-playing in multiple genres. It embraced one-player gaming from the beginning, including a brief fantasy solo adventure with its basic rules and then following this up with a line of adventures. The introductory adventure is only included with the first three editions of the rules. The standalone adventures (all of which use third edition rules) tied in with popular properties licensed for use with the game (Conan, Horseclans and Humanx Commonwealth), but they only required the Basic Set for play, not any of the numerous world books released to supplement the rules. While some are considerably thicker than others, the books are all large-format and feature numerous numbered sections along with character sheets, special rules and, in some cases, material that can be used in multiplayer GURPS campaigns. One book, Bili the Axe: Up Harzburk!, was recalled from the market due to several design flaws that rendered it unplayable. Some copies still exist in the hands of collectors, however. An additional solo adventure for the GURPS Prisoner setting (based on the British science fiction television show) was completely or mostly written, but never published.

Years after the original batch of adventures was released, a solo adventure was included in a supplement for the GURPS Prime Directive science fiction setting, using third edition rules. A standalone version of the adventure was later released as part of Free RPG Day in 2007, with rules reworked to make it compatible with both GURPS Fourth Edition and the d20 System.

In addition to the English-language releases, several original solo adventures using the GURPS System were produced in Portuguese, based on historical themes (see Mini-GURPS for details).

Two additional English-language GURPS solo adventures have only been published in electronic format. The first of them, based on the GURPS Horror supplement, was written at about the same time as the first American GURPS solos, but was never published in book form. Several years later, the publisher released the adventure for free over the Internet in a browser-only version. The second adventure (which apparently was written considerably later than the first) takes place on Yrth, which at the time the adventure was written was the main setting for GURPS Fantasy. This latter adventure is also freely available over the Internet in a browser-only web version. A few years after it was first written, the second of these adventures was remade into the first solo for Risus: The Anything RPG.

While all GURPS solo adventures are currently out of print, the Third Edition Basic Set and the Conan-based solos (as well as the Module Prime Alpha supplement) are available in digital format from the Warehouse 23 store.

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, which uses GURPS rules, includes an original introductory solo adventure.


All in a Night's Work
Temple on Terilek Prime

Role-Playing Games

GURPS Basic Set

Role-Playing Materials

Module Prime Alpha

Solitaire Adventures

The Schizoid Man
1. Conan Beyond Thunder River
2. Bili the Axe: Up Harzburk!
3. For Love of Mother-Not
4. Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast
5. Conan the Wyrmslayer
6. Conan: Moon of Blood

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