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Series - Dragon Roads

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Categories: Complexity Level : Basic (No Game System)
Format : eBook
Genre : Fantasy
Genre : Romance
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person

This e-book series reissues Dragontales books with minor textual and title changes.


1. Sword Daughter
2. The Storm Rider
3. Aphrodite's Mirror
4. Curse of the Sphinx
5. Dungeons of Doom
6. The Wizard's Towers
7. The Crown and the Unicorn
8. The Gargoyle King
9. Draco's Revenge
10. The Pegasus Quest
11. Legend of Green Briar

User Comments

These reprints of Rhondi Vilott's "Dragontales" gamebooks should be fervently avoided and passed over for the original copies; there's an endless array of bad transcripting, severe formatting flaws, unreadable errors in the text and zero approachability, not to mention the carelessly-slapped-on stock images used as "covers". Not an ounce of effort was put into these reprints, and as such not a single penny should be spent by ANYONE on these hideous wastes of time. One will be amazed at the difference between those books for which time, energy and devotion had been poured into (ex. look at the brilliantly crafted original editions' cover art by Tom Hallman!), just as one will quickly notice how drastically the reading experience evaporates when reading a lesser version of what is apparently the same work. Avoid at all costs, ladies and gentlemen - it's better to make the effort and track down an original copy than to seek out one of these wastes of time and space!


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