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The Towers of Rexor

Series: Dragon Roads #6
Dragontales #4
Alternate Title: The Wizard's Towers (reissue)
Translated Into: Les Tours de Rexor (French)
Author: Vilott-Salsitz, Rhondi
Illustrators: Hallman, Tom (cover)
Tanz, Freya (interior)
Release Dates: August, 1984
June, 2011 (reissue)
ISBN: 0451130855 / 9780451130853
Length:189 pages (introductory section plus 55 "Pathways")
Number of Endings:25
User Summary: You are a young bard about to meet the king of the court in which you have been sent to work. Alas, all is not well in the kingdom, and you will soon need to use your skills for more than entertainment....
Demian's Thoughts: This book is a bit better-paced than the last one; most of its paths are satisfyingly long, and there's a lot of exploration to do along the way, making for decent replay value. Unfortunately, in other respects, it's not as strong. Things start out promisingly enough, with the reader being given decent motivation for going on a quest and with the story's villain sounding like a complex and potentially interesting character rather than yet another boring megalomaniac. Unfortunately, though, the book doesn't really use its promise to its fullest. On many paths, the reader never discovers exactly what is going on, and even when explanations are given, they tend to dramatically contradict one another. This inconsistency actually made me like the book less and less with each reading -- I started over a few times so that I could find out more about what seemed like a complex story, but each reading further suggested that there actually wasn't anything like a coherent plot hiding in the book. Some of the individual paths are quite interesting, but their lack of unity undermines the book as a whole. In the end, I was mostly frustrated, which is a shame, since some of these pieces could have been put together into a much more effective whole.

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