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Series - Breadman

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Categories: Amateur Publication
Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Codewords
Game System : Inventory Management
Genre : Humor
Genre : Superhero Fiction
Target Age Group : Adults
Writing Style : Comic Book

This independent comic book, the second series to feature superhero Breadman, went interactive starting with its second issue. The reader chooses the course of the story, manages an inventory of items and interacts with various characters and scenery. The overall tone is not unlike a point-and-click computer adventure game. The reader moves from location to location collecting items. An "interaction table" allows certain items to interact with locations or each other by adding numbers together. The user records letters at various points to keep track of certain key events; when letters have been recorded, it can change the results of interactions or open up new areas to explore.


2. Breadman Issue 2

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