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Series - Harcos képzelet : játékkönyvek

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Publisher: Cherubion -- Hungary
Categories: Complexity Level : Advanced (Full Game System)
Format : Paperback
Game System : Combat
Game System : Inventory Management
Game System : Magic
Game System : Randomization Method : Dice
Game System : Scores
Genre : Fantasy
Target Age Group : Older Children
Target Age Group : Teenagers
Writing Style : Present Tense
Writing Style : Second Person

These are original Hungarian books, but they all feature authors using English-sounding pseudonyms and provide official English titles.


1. Küzdelem az Éj Kövéért
2. Küzdelem az Éj Kardjáért
3. A Nagy Féregfutam
4. Küzdelem az Éj Könyvéért
5. A Sötétség Gyűrűje
6. Árnyékvilág
7. A Fenevad nyomában
8. Cherubion hőse
9. A kőtorony titka
10. Kriptaszökevény
11. Monarakh titka
12. Dimenziók bajnoka
13. Lidérccsapás
14. A Káosz létsíkja
15. Sárkánykard
16. Szörnyek szigete
17. Boszorkány úrnő
18. Arcnélküliek
19. Sárkányölő
20. Shiwo, a holtak ura
21. Acélkorona
22. Mágusok Tornya
23. A Démon Szeme
24. Viharűzők
25. A Mágus küldetése
26. Megmérgezve
27. Sötét álom
28. Szellemjárás
29. Hősök ideje
30. Sólyomlovag
31. Ork gyilkosok
32. A kárhozat ura
33. Létsíkok vándora
34. Káoszaréna
35. Az utolsó csepp
36. Sötét herceg
37. Árnyéksárkány
38. A jégmező harcosa
39. Kristálykoponya
40. Halálvadász
41. Rémkirály
42. A mocsár szörnyetege
43. Trollok völgye
44. A halálontúli király
45. A rettegés erdeje
46. Kínok kínja
47. A fekete lovag
48. A hold sikolya
49. Tűzevő
50. Lélektükör
51. Az ötvenegyedik harcos
52. Őserők ura
53. A sárkány vére
54. Eleven falak
55. A hit nevében
56. Rémálmok jönnek
57. Fejtörők erdeje
58. Nekropolisz: A holtak birtoka

User Comments

This series had many issues.

There were 58 issues in it, but there were many other issues with it, starting with editorial issues. Most probably the series had no editor at all, resulting in a series in which even the strongest books have game-breaking flaws, like demanding 13 luck-rolls, the last being survive-or-fail roll. Or simply key items lack the game-machanical numbers from them.

Aside from that, you can see the fast decline of the writing quality too. The first numbers had inspirations, or were direct adaptaion of existing novels or at least short stories, which helped. Later on you can see the writers discovered automatic graph-makers, which resulted in bland releases, certain books lacking any text aside from where you can turn from a certain paragraph in their entirety.

And the confessed attitude was, the game-mechanics (dice and stats) don't require any testing, "because the players will cheat anyway", which is entirely untrue.

Not that the series doesn't have a couple of gems still. Sure, as mentioned, those still have flaws as mentioned, but the more dedicated writers avoided most of the problems and chiselled their books as well as they could without specialised help. So the stories and choices at times are good.

Another strong point of the series - compared to Fighting Fantasy - was, that the choices many times included logic, and weren't just random choices. Sure, this many times led to railroading...

Let's mention as a final word to this one of the most notorious titles: A Hit Nevében (In The Name Of Faith). It lets you choose 3 type of characters. Each can pass the game using their unique abilities. And the story is surely good, and well written. The problem is the extreme railroading, to the point of the (in)famous choice: "Will you cut down the beast's head?" where if you choose no the next paragraph start with: "After a few steps you change your mind, go back, and cut down the beast's head anyway."

I suggest using these books either as a "how not to" guide, or fans to fix the editorial issues themselves, or as adventure modules for pen&paper games where you can give more freedom to your players, and use the books as more of a pillar for your adventures.


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