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Person - Greci, Dennis

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Items with "Greci, Dennis" as Credited Author

Arcanthus the Sage (1 edition)
Brimstone, the Fire Giant (1 edition)
Chester the Jester (1 edition)
Cimeree, Elfin Maid (1 edition)
Daniel the Pirate (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Allosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Pachycephalosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Pinacosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Stegosaur (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: T-Rex (1 edition)
Dino Fight Series: Triceratops (1 edition)
Gildersleve the Dwarf (1 edition)
Horras Hob-Goblin (1 edition)
In the Ruins of the Ancients (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Brian "Teflon Billy" (1 edition)
Knights of the Dinner Table: Dave "El Ravager" (1 edition)
Lilli the Swashbuckler (1 edition)
Medusa (1 edition)
Othere, Djinn of Distinction (1 edition)
Runesword: Bith - Female Cleric (1 edition)
Runesword: Cal - Warrior with Sword and Shield (1 edition)
Runesword: Endril - Elfin Archer with Epee (1 edition)
Runesword: Hathor - Troll with Axe (1 edition)
Sir Percival, Mounted Knight (1 edition)
Tome of Red Magic (1 edition)
Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Chiron, Magical Centaur (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Mac Aber, A Highland Warrior with Claymore (1 edition)
Tunnels and Trolls: Umslopagaas, the Scorpion Wizard (1 edition)
Ursa Bugbear (1 edition)
Winged Gargoyle with Scimitar (1 edition)
Wyrm the Dragon (1 edition)
Zzz... Zombie (1 edition)