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Person - Siegel, Scott

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Items with "Siegel, Scott" as Credited Author

Battle Drive (1 edition)
The Blood Sea Monster (1 edition)
The Champ of TV Wrestling (1 edition)
Ghost Riders of Goldspur (2 editions)
James Bond in Strike It Deadly (1 edition)
Operation: Death Stone (1 edition)
Operation: Sink or Swim (1 edition)
Operation: Snow Job (1 edition)
A Painter's Vision (1 edition)
Preludes II 3: Tanis, the Shadow Years (1 edition)
Project Brain Drain (2 editions)
Revenge of the Falcon Knight (1 edition)
The Scarlet Shield of Shalimar (1 edition)
Star Trek: Phaser Fight (1 edition)
The Storyteller (1 edition)
Warrior Women of Weymouth (1 edition)