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Items with "Siegel, Scott" as Credited Author

Dragonlance Novels

The Blood Sea Monster
A Painter's Vision
The Storyteller
20. Preludes II 3: Tanis, the Shadow Years

Find Your Fate

12. James Bond in Strike It Deadly

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

6. Operation: Death Stone
13. Operation: Snow Job
17. Operation: Sink or Swim

Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers

2. Battle Drive
8. Project Brain Drain


17. Ghost Riders of Goldspur

Which Way Books

22. The Champ of TV Wrestling
24. Star Trek: Phaser Fight

Wizards, Warriors & You

6. Revenge of the Falcon Knight
12. The Scarlet Shield of Shalimar
18. Warrior Women of Weymouth