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Items with "Cook, David ("Zeb")" as Credited Author

1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

7. Warlords
v. 7, no. 1. You Are Lord Kenshin, Daimyo of Tsuke
v. 7, no. 2. You Are Prince Matabei, Rebel Commander

Double Agent Novels

3. The Hard Sell / Glitch!

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

7. Uneasy Alliances

Dungeons & Dragons

1. Blizzard Pass

Forgotten Realms Novels

Too Familiar
Wishing You Many More
17. Empires Trilogy 1: Horselords
41. Harpers Series 7: Soldiers of Ice
49. Nobles Series 1: King Pinch

Spelljammer Novels: The Cloakmaster Cycle

1. Beyond the Moons