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Person - Edwards, Les

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Items with "Edwards, Les" as Credited Illustrator

Baalthazac (1 edition)
Barbarian Swordsman (1 edition)
Bloodsuckers (1 edition)
Boneshaker's Mountains of Forever (1 edition)
Boris the Brave (1 edition)
Caverns of the Snow Witch (9 editions)
Chasms of Malice (2 editions)
Creature of Havoc (4 editions)
Croque the Hunter (1 edition)
Crypt of the Sorcerer (4 editions)
D'Accord the Daring (1 edition)
Daggers of Darkness (1 edition)
Deathtrap Dungeon 3 (1 edition)
Deathweb Spider (1 edition)
Demons of the Deep (3 editions)
Ferrario the Valiant (1 edition)
Firenzi the Fearless (1 edition)
George Lacklustre (1 edition)
Hellhound (1 edition)
Helmut the Bold (1 edition)
Homunculus (1 edition)
Horned Devils (1 edition)
Im Rücken des Königs (1 edition)
John the Agreeable (1 edition)
Les Edwards (1 edition)
Lord of the Masque (1 edition)
Master of Chaos (1 edition)
Obojo the Cruel (1 edition)
Return to Firetop Mountain (2 editions)
Revenge of the Vampire (1 edition)
Salaman Rush Demon (1 edition)
Siege of Sardath (1 edition)
Sky Lord (1 edition)
Soulpod Plant (1 edition)
Ten-Ton Monster (1 edition)
The Crypt Stalker (1 edition)
The Dark Warrior (1 edition)
The Flesh-Eater (1 edition)
The Iron Maiden (1 edition)
The Medusa (1 edition)
Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid (1 edition)
VanVincent the Fluent (1 edition)
Vault of the Vampire (1 edition)
The Weaver of Nightmares (1 edition)